Family fighting to keep ‘Hell on Horton Road’ killer in prison


A new petition drafted by Richard Tinyes is circulating on social media, because Robert Golub — the man convicted of murdering and mutilating Tinyes’s 13-year-old daughter, Kelly Ann, a little more than 28 years ago — is due to appear before the parole board in November.

“We are pleading with the Parole Board to keep a very dangerous criminal, Robert Golub, in prison,” the petition reads. “He is where he belongs. He is where he should die.”

A similar petition protesting Golub’s release was created the last time he was eligible for parole in 2015.

The body of Kelly Ann, a Woodmere Middle School student, was discovered inside a garbage bag in a Golub’s basement on Horton Road in March 1989. Golub, then 21, was convicted in 1990 of killing her, mutilating her body and hiding it in the basement. In the press, coverage of the murder investigation and subsequent Golub trial became labeled “Hell on Horton Road.”

At his first parole hearing in 2013, Golub admitted responsibility for Kelly Ann’s death and apologized. He said he hadn’t intended to kill her, but that he had accidentally knocked her down a flight of stairs and then dragged her around the house, and he presumed she suffocated when her clothes rode up.

The petition, which stopped accepting signatures in August, received 4,666. Additionally, Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas sent a letter to the parole board in June urging it to deny Golub’s release.

“Members of my staff have been in contact with the Tinyes’ family who still grieves their daughter’s loss … ” Singas wrote. “Given the violent circumstances surrounding this crime, as this office has done three times before, I am writing to request that Golub be denied parole and that he be compelled to serve the maximum sentence.”