Valley Stream installs new fueling system for village vehicles


Mayor Ed Fare announced the grand opening of a new fueling system for village vehicles on Oct. 26 that would replace two 30-year-old single-walled 4,000-gallon tanks on Arlington Avenue with two new 12,000-gallon double-walled fuel tanks.

“You could have Superstorm Sandy and you’d have enough fuel for two months,” Fare said.

The work took engineers from Oyster Bay-based Walden Environmental Engineering about five months to complete. They installed a new alarm system, a monitor for the underground storage tanks, a self-sustaining generator and a new auxiliary building, which would have an attendant who could print out information about a truck’s mechanical condition.

In the case of a malfunction, Massachusetts-based Diesel Direct would deliver fuel to the trucks at the Arlington Avenue station as a contingency. The village also has an agreement with Exxon Mobile in case of an emergency.

The work was required by the Nassau County Fire Marshal. It allows the village to continue its shared service agreement with the Valley Stream school districts to sell gasoline to the schools at a reduced price.