Herald seeks ‘Person of the Year’ nominations

Know anyone around town who you’d describe as a true do-gooder –– that PTA president, Little League coach or scout leader who goes above and beyond the call of duty; that community volunteer …

Wantagh parish embodies motto of 'welcoming'

St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, in Wantagh, is an unassuming campus in an unassuming neighborhood. Weekday visitors might encounter common church activities, such as baby showers and mothers’ groups. And the cherubic 45-year-old Rev. Christopher Hofer appears perfectly cast for his role as rector of a suburban Long Island parish.

Legacy to honor cancer victim

Bill Towey, a member of Wantagh High School’s class of 1994, was a modest man. After his death on June 6, his family wanted to honor him in a way that would emphasize his generosity, humility and integrity. They decided that a scholarship for high school students would be the perfect vehicle.

Student warm McDonald's patients

Eighth-grade entrepreneurs are getting the jump on giving at Wantagh Middle School by learning that business isn’t just about profit and loss.

Wantagh's Lavache shines at Muhlenberg

Former Wantagh High School football player Jacques Lavache will travel to Alliance, Ohio on Saturday as part of the Muhlenberg College football team that secured a quarterfinals berth in the NCAA Division III championships.

Randi Kreiss

Nipping sexism in the bud, all over again

Does the latest sexist outrage mean we have to start burning our bras again?

Scott Brinton

Nutrition 101, or how to save the planet

In my two and a half decades of writing on the environment and pondering solutions to the pressing sustainability issues that our planet — and civilization — face, I never imagined that the answer to reversing our destructive course might lie in nutrition education.