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Local students excel at Science Olympiad

Wantagh team advances to state contest; MacArthur collected 35 medals


Wantagh and MacArthur high school students excelled at the regional Science Olympiad, Wantagh and Levittown school district officials said. 

The competition was held at Wantagh High School on Feb. 4. Hundreds of Nassau County’s youngest scientists converged on Beltagh Avenue, including students from MacArthur, which serves part of North Wantagh. 

This is the third year that Wantagh High hosted the competition, at which students participate in a variety of contests that run the scientific spectrum and challenge them to use their technology, engineering, art and mathematics skills. There are 25 events in the Science Olympiad, and a regional competition must feature at least 20.

Popular events include the Wright Stuff, in which students fly rubberband-powered airplanes; Air Trajectory, in which they fire a projectile from a cannon at a target; and Bridge Building, in which weight is continually added to a wooden structure until it breaks.

Wantagh’s Team A placed sixth out of 44 teams, according to the school district. Team B came in eighth. 

Team A advanced to the New York State competition at Le Moyne College in Syracuse in March, officials said. 

Under the direction of Dr. David Freidman and Matt Zausin, MacArthur finished ninth overall. Levittown administrators said that 17 students collected a combined 35 medals in 14 events. For lists of all of the individual medal winners, visit each of the school districts’ website. 

As a testament to the team’s mentality, sportsmanship and displayed enthusiasm, district officials said, MacArthur was also awarded the coveted Spirit Award.