A pet party at Forest City Park


About 50 community members had the chance to make furry and scaly friends in North Wantagh last week. The Town of Hempstead hosted a program called Petland Parties at Forest City Park on Aug. 1. 

The program, which helps to educate youngsters about the importance of nature and science, is an interactive experience during which participants met and pet different animals. Jessie Cullen, a self-described animal expert, brought out a bunny, snake, ferret, tropical parrot, chameleon and a tarantula for families to touch and ask questions about. 

According to Petland Parties organizers, the program aims to provide a fun and educational experience that encourages children to learn more about all types of animals. Presenters said they wanted to teach children to respect these creatures, cast off their fears and accept them as part of the natural world.

The program was part of the town’s Children’s Summer Festival, which ended on Aug. 4. Petland Parties also came to Levittown Veterans Memorial Park, Echo Park, Harold Walker Park, Baldwin Park, Shell Creek Park, Smith Street Park, Elmont Road Park, Rath Park and the Rock Hall Museum. 

All Children’s Summer Festival shows were free.