Experienced 'D' leads West Hempstead

In 2018, West Hempstead boys’ soccer had one of those seasons where nothing seemed to go its way. The Rams were competitive in every match, but an unfortunate bounce, a bad break, or a missed assignment would inevitably lead to them losing a tight contest.

Schmoozing about the Yiddish language in today’s society

For about a third of the past 1,000 years, 66 percent of the Jewish population spoke Yiddish, yet the “mama lushen” — the mother tongue of Jews — appeared consigned to the dustbin of history, …

Real estate broker collaborates with the Long Island Breakfast Club

Looking to find new ways to support the middle-aged, the Long Island Breakfast Club has partnered with NextHome All Island. Real estate broker Ed Svec, who started his brokerage last year, said that …

West Hempstead school board addresses protesters outside the high school

Almost every morning since July, a giant inflatable rat and Local 66 union workers have been seen outside the high school, with some parents speculating that the ongoing protest is over two non-union …


We need to respect law enforcement

Imagine going to work and attempting to do your job while a group of loudmouths scream at you and douse you with buckets of water. For some police officers in New York City over the past month, that was their reality.

The Week Ahead

Nearby things to do this week in Malverne, West Hempstead

West Hempstead’s annual Street Fair Bring your family and friends out for West Hempstead’s annual Street Fair on Nassau Boulevard near Hall’s Pond Park on Sunday, Sept. 22. Hosted by the …

Randi Kreiss

Aunt Ada’s notes from Paris, August 1945

I never knew why my husband’s Aunt Ada went into the Army during World War II, but my hunch is that the family thought it might tame her wild ways.