Canines come first for Fur Babies rescue

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“Most people are scared to foster these animals because of the financial responsibility, but we take that on,” Hock said, adding, “They just need to provide the TLC.”

Prelesnick and Hock first volunteered together nearly 10 years ago, walking rescued dogs that were boarding in Great Neck Animal Hospital. Because the facility offered too little space for a growing number of recovering pups, Prelesnick began to nurture several dogs in her home to accommodate more of them until she decided to launch her own organization, with the help of Hock.

“We try to incorporate these animals into our homes as family members so that we can provide a better start for them, as opposed to guest work,” Hock said of her mission with Fur Babies.

She and Prelesnick make sure their volunteers watch the rcovering pups closely, from the time they are rescued to well after they find new homes. Prelesnick and Hock screen prospective owners carefully to ensure that their dogs are safe in new environments, conducting phone interviews and arranging meetings between dogs and applicants and home visits before signing off on the adoptions, as is detailed in the adoption contracts.

On their Facebook page,, Prelesnick and Hock keep in touch with adoptive pet owners and receive frequent notifications — often several times a day — about their formerly fostered canines.

They regularly collaborate with other animal rescue organizations, such as the Petco Foundation, to raise awareness about their mission. On June 29, Fur Babies will join forces with Courageous Cats and Kids Adopt a Shelter to host an adoption and fundraising event at Petco Animal Supplies in Carle Place, which will feature raffles, games and baked goods.

Prelesnick and Hock hope to eventually manage a proper rescue facility. In the meantime, Hock said, “The more foster homes we have, the more animals we can save.”

For more information about Fur Babies and its current family of fostered dogs, visit its website at

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