Federal tax deadlines extended


Federal tax deadlines extended

The federal government has extended many tax deadlines and expanded the scope of its tax relief in response to the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

Business and individual tax returns and payments due October 31 through January 31, 2013 are now all extended to February 1, 2013. Included in this IRS relief are:

• 4th quarter individual estimated tax payments that were

due on January 15, 2013

• 3rd and 4th quarter payroll and excise returns and payments

• Form 990 returns

The Service will also waive interest and late penalties that would apply during this period. Among these are penalties for failing to deposit federal payroll and excise tax due before November 26, 2012 if you make the deposit by November 26. Details:

If you or your businesses are housed outside the affected areas, but your books, records, and/or tax professionals are within the impacted areas, you may qualify for relief. Contact the IRS at 866.562.5227.

Source: Berdon LLP, CPAs and Advisors, BerdonLLP.com