Police revive man in Hewlett


Two 4th Precinct police officers helped to revive a man who apparently suffered a heart attack while in a vehicle at 3:46 p.m. in Hewlett on April 20, police said.

The driver of the car stopped at the station house at 1699 Broadway and went inside to get help. Officers Anthony Albanese and Sgt. James Crawford assessed the man, 64, and realized he was in cardiac arrest.

Getting the automated external defibrillator, the officers administered a single shock that restarted the man’s pulse and he began breathing on his own. He was taken to a local hospital by police emergency medical technicians, Geoffrey Goodwin and Paul Silva.

Continuing treatment on the way to the hospital, the EMTs noted the man’s declining carbon dioxide values. They ventilated the man, which increased those values and he was conscious and alert in the emergency room, police said. He was admitted for further evaluation.