Searching for a variety of entertainers in West Hempstead


Whether it’s through music, comedy or theater, the West Hempstead Community Support Association hopes to highlight resident talent of all ages while promoting community pride. “West Hempstead’s Got Talent” would be the first communitywide talent show, according to the WHCSA.

“We’re always trying to focus on the fabulous talent and people that we have in this community,” said Zehava Schechter, an association board member. “I think this is one more way in which we can profile our residents. Why go into the city when we have great entertainment right here?”

Aside from competing for bragging rights and a cash prize, association member Aisha Crumpton said, the talent show — scheduled for July 29, at 5 p.m., at Hall’s Pond Park — will also demonstrate what the organization does for the community, and how much members care about West Hempstead.

“I feel that involvement in any activity is very important to help a community grow, blossom and thrive,” Crumpton said. “I’m hoping that this will be one of many events that will bring people together.”

The WHCSA has reached out to local businesses and schools, public and private, to advertise the event, hoping to reach every demographic in the community. Harry Baldino, owner of Creative Corner, will be one of the judges, and the WHCSA is currently looking for other residents to evaluate the competitors.

The association’s president, Rosalie Norton, said that because of the diversity in West Hempstead, the talent show presents a number of opportunities for those who take part. Younger residents can make their first public performance, while older participants can cross an item off their bucket lists.

“When you do something like this,” Norton added, you sort of spark the imagination and get the juices flowing among the people that are participating.”

She also suggested that if the show attracts enough performers, it could be categorized by acts.

“I’m hoping for a myriad of entertainment,” Schechter said, “meaning musicians, dance, comedy . . . whatever residents want to showcase. The idea is, we want everyone to feel good about performing.”

The association proposed the idea at one of its summer concerts last year. Crumpton and Schechter had noticed that some of the group’s events were not well attended, and they saw a talent show as a way to generate interest in community events and causes.

“We need our community members to stay active all the time,” Crumpton said, “and you need numbers to support any initiative.”

“We need their help, and we need their support, because we can’t do it all ourselves,” Schechter said. “This organization can only be as successful and productive as the members and those who support us.”

Schechter also said that “West Hempstead’s Got Talent” could become an annual event. For now, association members hope to make residents more aware of all that it offers.

Applicants will be scheduled for tryouts on June 10 at the West Hempstead Public Library. To apply, go to WHCSA's website, fill out the downloadable form and email it to no later than April 30.