West Hempstead business group shares 'the right way to network’


Since 2012, Breakfast Connect has found ways for local businesses to network, share ideas and exchange referrals. Eager to find new members in West Hempstead, the group hopes to provide a different look at networking.

“There’s a lot of groups out there like BMI and IBO,” said Andrew Liebowitz, the group’s founder. “My feeling was, why do you have to pay an organization to network and meet? In Breakfast Connect, people just come together because they want to do business and they want to share ideas.”

Liebowitz also said that the group does not have any restrictions, and that it aims to promote an environment that allows ideas to flow freely. “It’s the right way to network,” he said. “We meet in a relaxed atmosphere and at times, we also share marketing ideas and new concepts, too.”

At Breakfast Connect’s meeting on Feb. 13, group member Michael Cymbala shared a seemingly basic four-question test about animals in the zoo. The questions were used to test how people think and strategize in terms of finding the simplest solution. While most of the group members got the questions wrong, Cymbala shared this test as a reminder for businesses to keep things simple.

Breakfast Connect meets every Tuesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at Riesterer’s Bakery in West Hempstead. The group is looking for one person from each business or company to represent their field. Business professionals can also bring more people from its company to the meetings, or alternate. There are no membership fees.

For more information, call or text Kendel Bornstein at (516) 662-7712 or email her at kendelbornstein4@gmail.com.