Acknowledging Autism Awareness Month at Hangout One Happy Place

Join Hangout One Happy Place in Baldwin for their annual walk celebrating Autism Awareness Month this April. Support the cause and be a part of a community dedicated to spreading awareness and acceptance.

Honoring the legacy of Baldwin native Tyler McKenzie at Baldwin Harbor Park

Join Marc and Zea McKenzie in honoring their son Tyler's memory at the second annual T-Mac's 5K Run and Memorial Walk in Baldwin this Saturday. Despite Tyler's schooling elsewhere, his heart always remained in his hometown, where his educational journey began at Milburn Elementary School. Come together to celebrate Tyler's life and support cancer research awareness in the community.

'Buttercup' hits the stage at Baldwin High School

Baldwin High School’s drama production embarked on an enchanting journey with their latest production, as students brought William Goldman’s novel “The Princess Bride” to life on stage from March 21-23.

The Easter bunny hops into Baldwin Harbor Park

The Baldwin Civic Association welcomed the community to their “Spring Swing & Bazaar” event. Held at Baldwin Harbor Park on the eve of Easter Day on March 30, the event was a mix of family-friendly activities and festive entertainment.

Dancing their way to first place was the Baldwin Middle School Dance Expression Pre-Academy team

Baldwin Middle School’s Dance Expression Pre-Academy finished in 1st place in the novice division and earned Platinum status in the Step Up 2 Dance Competition with their piece titled “Freedom,” paying homage to Black History Month.

Legislator Debra Mulé to host mobile office hours in Baldwin

Nassau County Legislator Debra Mulé is proactively reaching out to the community by extending the accessibility of her district office resources through a series of mobile office hours.


The heartbreaking death of an NYPD hero

Former Congressman Peter King reflects on the tragic murder of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, highlighting the outpouring of support from Massapequa Park and beyond, including a moment with former President Donald Trump, and calls for legislative action in honor of Diller's memory."


Washington: where bipartisanship goes to die

Former Assemblyman Jerry Kremer reminisces about bipartisan successes in Albany, contrasting them with the current gridlock in Washington, where partisan politics obstructs meaningful legislation, leaving a longing for the return of bipartisan cooperation.


L.I. GOP must condemn Trump’s dangerous remarks

Kevin J. Kelley underscores the significance of bipartisan collaboration in politics, advocating for respect, civil discourse, and condemnation of inflammatory rhetoric from leaders like Donald Trump to protect democracy and uphold civic values.


The time to support local journalism is now

Highlighting the efforts of the Empire State Local News Coalition, which aims to safeguard local journalism in New York by advocating for legislative support and rallying communities to save newsrooms and jobs amidst closures and layoffs.