Richard Rattan, CEO of Safe Health Educators for nearly two decades, teach Baldwin students CPR


Richard Rattan, ceo of Safe Health Educators, brought his extensive knowledge on safety to Baldwin fifth graders last Thursday.

For the past 17 years at Safe Health Educators, Rattan, along with his team of qualified health care workers, has taught thousands of people CPR and first aid. Last Thursday was no different as Rattan gave CPR and first aid lessons to Baldwin students. Rattan doesn’t stop there, however, as he teaches people from all different professions.

“We teach in a lot of hospitals, fire departments, and police departments,” Rattan said. “So we handle all the mandatory training for the doctors and the nurses so that they can stay compliant and work.”

Rattan mentioned that infant CPR training is given out to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts so that they can get their CPR badges. This program is free of charge. It is also available to new parents so that they can be prepared just in case they ever need to use CPR on their newborn.

Rattan explained that he teaches a lot of people every year because of the “wide base” of people that he teaches.

“For this year, we have taught over 6,000 people,” Rattan said. “On average, I would say we probably teach double that for the year.”

Working with Safe Health Educators for nearly two decades, Rattan said he saw programs evolve and update. He mentioned that him and his team have also evolved throughout the years by learning what works, what doesn’t work, and how they can make things better for the clientele.

“We’re never too old to learn,” Rattan said. “And an educated customer is a better customer.”

On SafeHealthEducators.Com, it was stated “Safe Health Educators was founded in 2006 by Richard Rattan, with a vision to spread education to healthcare experts, professionals and advocates.” Rattan was able to achieve this vision through the help of his team and the various programs that the company offers. Such programs include training of CPR, first aid, AED, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, EKG, and Corporate Emergency Response Programs.

Further down on the website, it states that Rattan “has a continuous mission of providing premium educational programs for emergency service professionals, and consultative services for organizations.” He has been providing emergency services for the past 30 years, as he was a Captain in the United Nations Fire Service with the task of training 360 firefighters to FDNY standards, procuring equipment, and opening 17 independent fire stations in Kosovo and Bosnia.

Being that he is a veteran, Rattan won Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2020. He also received an Excellence in Healthcare Award in 2021.