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Skin Concerns For Seniors

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Why is my skin itching?
As seniors, we lose moisturize in our skin. This is due to older cells not maintaining moisture. This is the number one reason itching occurs. It is essential to moisturize at least once daily. You can use lotions (lighter) creams (thicker) or ointments (greasy). If we still itch after we add moisture, we need to check for underlying medical conditions that cause itching. Diseases such as thyroid, liver, kidney, and blood diseases can cause severe itching. Thus, the itching can be a marker for severe internal disease.

Why do I get more spots as I age?
As we age, the communication between our cells diminishes leading some cells to grow more rapidly causing small growths. These can be keratosis (warty growths), angiomas (red bumps) and brown spots (liver spots or lentigos) they are benign but can itch, bleed, or look unsightly. The good news is that they are easy to remove.

Do skin cancers occur more frequently as we age?
Yes. Again, cell communication and the body’s immune system decreases with age, leading to development of skin cancer. It is vital to get “skin checkups” on a regular basis. Skin cancers that are detected earlier are easier to treat with better outcomes.
Can we treat wrinkles and sunspots?
We treat wrinkles with fillers, Botox products and lasers. We treat brown spots with lasers and bleaching creams.

Is your book “THE DOCTOR’S SECRET” an autobiography?
The Doctor’s Secret is a fiction based on autobiographical events. Many authors write about real events but use the platform of fiction to enhance creativity. The book stresses the importance of determination, resilience and support of friends and family while navigating life’s challenges.
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Dr. Tina K. Funt is a Board-Certified Dermatologist practicing in Garden City for 33 years. She works for Schweiger Dermatology Group with 80+ offices throughout Long Island and the tri-state area. Dr.Funt specializes in both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Her passions are medicine, the arts, golf and dogs.