‘The Classical Legacy of a Rock Star’

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“Keith will also play a surprise or two, and conduct one orchestral piece he wrote for a movie,” said Biegel, who will be recording Emerson’s piano concerto in the fall with the Brown University Orchestra. He also played pop icon Neil Sedaka’s “Manhattan Intermezzo” at Madison Theatre a year ago, with Sedaka and his wife, Reba, applauding in the audience.

When asked how he feels about playing the works of the pop-star-with-classical-music-running-through-their-veins crowd, he said, “I’d love to play many classical repertories, but I can’t send an email to Beethoven,” Biegel joked. “I think I’m just slowly becoming the go-to guy for this kind of eclectic repertoire ... playing the entire gamut with no fears and no worries that any of us will judged on either end.”

Although the two are not expected to share the stage at the same time, the program will also include Emerson conducting his “Glorietta’s Pass” and a solo version of “Tarkus,” and “Honky Tonk Train Blues” with members of the orchestra.

The South Shore Symphony is celebrating its 30th season as one of Long Island’s top orchestras. Under the direction of Scott Jackson Wiley, they perform a wide variety of classical and popular music in the Rockville Centre area. What makes the orchestra unique is that it has some of the best professional and amateur musicians who volunteer their time and skills.


South Shore Symphony
The local orchestra welcomes rock legend and composer Keith Emerson as musical director, and world-renowned pianist Jeffrey Biegel, on Friday, Oct. 10, and Saturday, Oct. 11, 8 p.m., both performances. Tickets are $30, $45 and $55. Info: (516) 323-4444 or visit madisontheatreny.org.

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