Vacant nightclub facade partially collapsed


A vacant nightclub building partially collapsed onto the street at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Smith Street last Saturday, October 15.

“To the best of our knowledge, the façade collapsed due to weathering,” said Fire Chief Brien Cummings.

The Baldwin Fire Department said the partially collapsed building was the Gentlemen’s Quarter, a former gentleman’s club located on 2151 Grand Avenue in Baldwin. Baldwin Engine 202 was the first fire company to arrive on scene and confirmed the building façade of the structure had collapsed onto the street.

Cummings said he believes water, likely from the rain, must’ve gotten behind the façade and began to collapse. He said firefighters closed off the area to the public before Nassau County Police and the Town of Hempstead Building Department took over the scene. 

Cummings said the fire department found no structural damage, only the façade that started to peel away. The Town of Hempstead Building Department contacted the owner and set up fencing around the debris. No injuries were reported.