Valley Stream 24 gets creative on Dot Day


It all started three years ago in an Iowan classroom when teacher Terry Shay shared The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, the story of a teacher who helps a doubting student to unleash her latent artistic talent and creativity. Since then, Shay launched International Dot Day: a global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration where students everywhere rediscover the potent potential of creativity

Students at Valley Stream District 24 let their creative juices flow earlier this month in honor of Dot Day. Robert W. Carbonaro Elementary School students listened to The Dot during class. Afterward, students used their creative minds and worked in groups to create and present something using dots as inspiration.

Students at Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School were challenged to create their own unique dot structures by using toothpicks and mini marshmallows or Dot candy. This STEAM lesson enabled the students to explore, collaborate, and then share their creations with their classmates and families.

William L. Buck Elementary School students celebrated International Dot Day in the media center by using technology and their creative skills to create their own dots. The students used the Quiver App, a digital application that uses physical coloring with augmented reality technology to create a fun-filled, digital experience.