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Where to vote (early) in Nassau County


Election Day is a little less than two weeks away, but thanks to a series of reforms passed by the State Legislature in 2019, Nassau County residents can vote before Nov. 3.

Starting Saturday, Oct. 24, residents can head to one of 15 polling sites to cast their votes for the Nov. 3 election during a nine-day early-voting period. The process was introduced in New York state last year as part of a series of reforms intended to make voting easier for people who struggle to get to the polls on Election Day.

The nine-day schedule offers 83 hours of early voting — 60 are required — including evenings and weekends through Sunday, Nov. 1 (see map). Registered voters may cast their ballots at any of the listed locations, but if they do not, they must vote at their regular polling place on Nov. 3.

Residents will verify their voter registration on iPads, or electronic poll books, which have replaced physical poll books at each early-voting site and regular polling place. Using a stylus, poll inspectors will assist voters in signing their names and confirming their identities. Once their signatures are approved, the poll inspector will print ballots from a ballot-on-demand printer.

“No matter where you go, you’re getting your ballot,” said James Scheuerman, the Democratic commissioner for the Board of Elections.

Scheuerman also said that if residents submit their ballots during the early-voting period, it precludes them from voting on Election Day. “The poll pads sync up,” he said, “so after you vote, other poll books around the county, within one minute, will know that you voted to guard against double voting.”

Residents who have questions about the county’s early-voting procedures can visit www.nassauvotes.com.

The Board of Elections has advised voters that some states that have already begun their early-voting period have reported significant lines at polling sites.

To ensure ballots are cast at legitimate polling stations or deposited in legitimate drop-off boxes, voters are advised to be attentive. Report any suspicious activities or efforts to interfere with or disrupt voting immediately.

If in doubt, or to report any issues, please call the Nassau County Board of Elections: (516) 571-8683 for English; or La Junta Electoral Condado Nassau en Español: (516) 571-1245.

Timothy Denton contributed to this story.