Building up Bellmore? Residents remain opposed to apartment proposals

On the heels of last month’s meeting on the proposed apartment building on Bedford Avenue in Bellmore, community members met again on May 3 at the Bellmore Memorial Library, to discuss another proposal for apartments, on Bellmore Road in North Bellmore.

Construction at Newbridge Road Park begins

Renovations at the Newbridge Road Park playground by the Town of Hempstead are underway.

St. Francis Episcopal Church welcomes Rev. Grace Flint

Following an eight-month-long stretch without a leader, St. Francis Episcopal Church welcomed the Rev. Grace Flint to its ministry on April 1.

Healing shop offers ‘charming’ experience for all

At Charmed Eclectic Healing Shoppe, there is a little something for everyone.

Matty Marz makes music

Music has always been a part of Matty Marz’s life.

Jerry Kremer

America’s most familiar football, political variety

Whether you knew it or not, there are many types of football games. According to Wikipedia, the roster includes Jorkyball, cycle-ball, football tennis . . .

Randi Kreiss

Facts, fiction and when to fish for shad

I’m afraid if you didn’t cut your hair in March, potty train your 2-year-old, castrate your farm animals, quit smoking or get married, you probably missed the optimal moment for such events.


The medical facility a great community needs

Things we don’t want in our backyards: incinerators, releasing toxic fumes in the air. Nightclubs, with late-night rooftop music. Prisons, with their high walls and guarded towers.


Let’s let New York Power Authority take on Con Edison

Amid new reports of almost half a million New Yorkers struggling to catch up with their electricity bills, Con Edison’s decision to request further increases of up to 20 percent from state regulators is a slap in the face.