A new beginning in North Bellmore


Sept. 1 marked the first day back for 2,022 students in the North Bellmore School District — a fitting number for a school year that will end in June 2022.

But no one was thinking that far ahead just yet. Instead, the first day was a celebration of new beginnings. Students arrived with their new backpacks, filled with fresh school supplies, ready to learn and to make many memories.

“I want to make this the best year in elementary school,” said sixth grader Edy Volpe, who marked her final first day at Park Avenue Elementary School, which she admitted gave her mixed emotions. She is looking forward to field trips, building a rocket in science and just having fun times with her friends.

There were many new faces in the schools this year. In addition to a few hundred kindergartners at the five elementary schools, there were 10 new teachers and several returning teachers.

New Martin Avenue Elementary School teacher Jordan Sabinsky quickly learned the building so he could give his kindergartners a tour on the first day, showing them important locations like the cafeteria, gymnasium and main office while also teaching hallway etiquette.

His kindergarten colleague, Jennie Kuhn, had her classroom library stocked with books to help her students with the transition, such as “My First Day of School” and “Who Will Go to Kindergarten Today?”

It was also a true first day for administrators at four buildings. Martin Avenue Principal James O’Brien and Newbridge Road Interim Principal Amanda Licci moved from other positions in the district with while Park Avenue Principal Michael DeBlasio and Saw Mill Road Assistant Principal Daniel Madden are newcomers to North Bellmore.

Courtesy North Bellmore School District