Bellmore Civic Association holds in-person meeting


The Bellmore Civic Association has been busy, working hard to address issues in the community. For their first meeting back after a hiatus of in-person meetings, they updated the community on what has been in the works.

The Bellmore Fire Department introduced the new Bellmore Fire Department Training Center on Royle Street. This facility is meant to improve the training of the members of the fire department while also providing a location for department members to use when needed. The training facility will be completed by the end of the year.

The graffiti in the Bellmore Playhouse tunnel on Bedford Ave, between Linden St and Oak St, has been widely discussed by community members due to repeated disturbances. The issue was promptly brought to the attention of the Nassau County Police Department. The first precinct has ensured the community they are continuing to patrol the area in hopes to eliminate the problem. The owner has since repainted the tunnel.

To report any issues regarding the graffiti in the area, the police department notified residents to call the first precinct at (516) 849-0266 or call 911, and they will file a report.

Nassau County Police Department Seventh Precinct Problem Oriented Policing officers, Ray Luthy and Ryan Zimmerman, reintroduced themselves as well as the POP unit to the community.

The POP officers are fixtures in schools in the area— responding to school related incidents, making regular school visits, and helping update school safety plans with administrators.

The officers shared information on how to remain safe from phone scams to car thefts. They urged residents that their main responsibility — and key to keeping the community safe — is to report any suspicious behavior to 911 as per “If you see something, say something.” The scams are especially targeting older residents, and the seventh precinct officers emphasized for those community members to be aware.

The Bellmore Civic Association has made plans with the local United States Postal Service to continue the improvements on the façade and landscaping of the Bellmore Post Office. There have been several requests for improvements at the Mill Pond Preserve as wel. These include the repair of a broken fence, repair of a broken light fixture, and improved landscaping around the Mill Pond Preserve sign.

Around town you may also see a new ‘quality of life’ task force who has been combating graffiti and bandit signs, which are llegal signs advertising different services or companies. Residents who see these signs are and urged to report them.

Michael Giangregorio, Nassau County Legislator, addressed the Merrick Road Project that many residents are concerned about. There is currently 6,000 feet of piping being replaced and covered with asphalt over the repaired sections by a private company. Once the piping repairs are finished, those sections of the road will be redone. In addition, the trees missing on Merrick Road will be replanted in the nineteen empty tree boxes.

The Bellmore Civic Association looks forward to partnering with community members and local authorities to work together to improve the quality of life, and safety, in the area.

The members of the civic urge the community to do their part — if you see litter, pick it up, its leaders said. If you would like to get involved or keep up to date on the improvements being made in the community, follow Bellmore Civic Association on Facebook, and message the page for more information.