Bellmore middle school makes ‘grand’ improvements


Several capital improvements were made at Grand Avenue Middle School in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District during the summer months as part of the district’s planned capital improvements project.

Jon Simpkins, the director of school facilities, operations and security, said “the work provides a much safer student drop off and pick up, as well as much needed educational and athletic updates.”

“All of our parking lots were repaved, plus a good amount of our sidewalks were also replaced,” explained Principal Carlo Conte. “Additionally, a sidewalk was added to the rear entrance. The track was resurfaced, and the tennis courts were also turfed.”

“The players love the look of the new courts,” said girls’ tennis coach Dominik Bargiel. “Practice has been an absolute pleasure on the turf. It took a little getting used to the bounces, but the girls have done a great job adjusting to the new surface.”

Additionally, the Family & Consumer Science room was completely renovated.

Sarah Norton, a FACS teacher, has been busy decorating and stocking the room with new equipment and ingredients.

“The new layout has opened the room tremendously and allows us to move and modify the layout depending on the unit and lesson we are working on,” she noted. “We now have stainless steel tables which provide us with a ton more working space then we had before. This is going to allow students to work in smaller groups and have more time getting involved in the hands-on activities our class provides.”

Similar renovations will be completed at Merrick Avenue Middle School during summer 2024.