What to expect in Bellmore-Merrick: Upgrades are coming to Newbridge Road Park


Over the next few months, Bellmore and Merrick residents can expect a lot of upgrades coming to parks in the Town of Hempstead, including some additional renovations to Newbridge Road Park. 

The park is located in the southern half of Bellmore, at the very end of Newbridge Road. It boasts several multiuse fields, walking paths with views of the bays, a large pool and hockey arena, a playground, and a beloved dog park. 

While much of the park is used and enjoyed on a regular basis, the Town began updating aspects of it last year, including installing a brand new playground, which opened last spring.

“Hempstead Town offers some of the finest parks and recreational facilities in the nation,” Supervisor Don Clavin said, “and we are working hard to make them even better.”

Town Councilman Chris Carini, who represents parts of Bellmore and Merrick, said the renovations at the park were possible, thanks to the town’s good finances. “We got bond upgrades, which means we are able to get bonds at a lower rate,” he told the Herald in Dec. 2021. “We decided to add $10 million in updates to town parks — this is part of that capital.”

This year, Newbridge Road Park will receive a new turf baseball field, backstop and bleachers. It’s also getting new basketball, tennis and pickleball courts with new fencing. A state-of-the-art splash pad, similar to one at Veteran’s Memorial Park in East Meadow, will be installed right next to Newbridge’s pool. A new irrigation system is in the works to serve the multipurpose field.

Construction on the baseball field began the week of March 5. The splash pad will be completed by Father’s Day.

Nearby, Forest City Park in Wantagh will receive a new tennis court as well. In Baldwin, an additional turf baseball field is in the works for Baldwin Park, while a splash pad is planned for Coes Neck Park. The town also said a new playground will be built at Camp Anchor.

Since improvements first began in the park in 2021, Carini said that he is looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of children in the community.

“I am confident that residents will be very impressed with the improvements and enhancements at Town of Hempstead parks,” he noted. “This was made possible due to a recent bond upgrade and strong financial outlook for the Town of Hempstead. Our bond rating is now the highest in the state. These upgrades will be done in time to enjoy this summer.”