Santos ‘useless’ in the eyes of his residents

The people of New York’s Congressional 3rd District are getting louder with their disapproval for the U.S. Rep. George Santos. Last Saturday morning, dozens of protestors gathered outside his reported district office in Douglaston, Queens — which remains closed and still sports an awning with the name of former Democratic Congressman Tom Suozzi. 

Seaford cheer team returns to nationals

The Seaford High School cheerleading team is making a habit of producing winning squads, earning a bid to the 2023 National High School Cheerleading Championship.

Glen Cove school crossing guard, a ‘man of steel,’ leaves hospital after over 100 days

Carlos “Charlie” Vazquez wiped away tears of gratitude on Tuesday when he saw the crowd of people waving colorful pompoms and heard clapping and cheering in the lobby of Glen Cove Hospital. He was leaving at last, after being hospitalized for over 100 days.

Baldwin author Kim Taylor releases first book

First-time author Kim Taylor, of Baldwin, has published “A Flag for Juneteenth,” a children’s story about the holiday, which is now available in bookstores. 

New plan would give Haitian migrants more legal support

It’s been more than a decade since an earthquake devastated Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people, and leaving so many more thousands homeless. To this day, the Caribbean country continues to …


We don’t need Albany’s concrete fist in Nassau

New York has lost Oyster Bay. Well, more accurately, the state has lost 300,000 people — the town’s population — in just a single year.

Peter King

Pence can persuade America he’s the president it needs

One thing I should have learned from my 28 years in Congress and the 15 years before that in the maelstrom of New York politics and government is that political life is all-consuming — especially at the national level.

Randi Kreiss

Playing hide-and-seek with top secrets

Imagine my surprise when I opened my toaster oven to slide in a meatloaf and found a bunch of classified documents inside.

Jerry Kremer

The Republicans have sent in the clowns

One of my all-time favorite comedians was Groucho Marx. He always had the right response to the question of the moment.