Joseph Mondello, former Republican Party chair, 84

Joseph Mondello, a councilman and supervisor for the Town of Hempstead before holding sway as leader of the state Republican Party, died Monday. He was 84.

Todd Kaminsky steps down from the New York senate

State Sen. Senator Todd Kaminsky unexpectedly stepped down from his State Senate seat, after serving the South Shore of Long Island for nearly eight years.

Casale, 95, says goodbye to Covid and its symptoms

Nancy Casale was in a wheelchair when she first entered Glen Cove Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in April 2022, and she wore an oxygen mask too. When she left the facility on July 15, she …


Manganos get more time to appeal conviction

Former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, and his wife, Linda, have been granted a few more weeks of freedom from jail while they continue to appeal their sentences. The Manganos were scheduled …


A waiter who served up companionship

Victor Morfessis, who was a native of Greece, lived through occupations by Italy and Germany in World War II, the Greek Civil War and a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 1953 before he came to …


It’s time to go to the precinct and vote . . . again?

With school board elections and the June primary for the Assembly, it seems we’re making more trips to our polling precinct than we might make to the gym.


Will the Russians fly away from the space station?

Given the all-but-declared new cold war between the U.S. and Russia, it may seem unsurprising that Vladimir Putin’s government would announce plans to pull out of its partnership with the International Space Station . . .


Two heroes, and one captain who should’ve been ashamed

A tall obelisk rises from the heart of Rockville Cemetery, the Lynbrook burial ground that dates back to the earliest days of our nation. It remembers the 139 souls lost . . .

Jerry Kremer

The country’s chief executive has the most thankless job

The late President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk whose words have haunted every president who has followed him.