BREAKING NEWS: Voters approve East Meadow's $228 million budget for 2022-23 school year

CEMCO forum brings awareness to drugs

The Council of East Meadow Community Organizations held a forum called “Keeping our kids drug free” on April 28. The forum aimed to educate parents and teens on how to be aware of drugs …

Art was her ‘healing drug’

At first glance, Karen Kirshner’s paintings may look like little more than a mix of colors and patterns on canvas. But keep staring, and you may find yourself feeling a range of emotions and …

East Meadow’s Earth Day cleanup

Not many people would know that behind East Meadow’s Senator Speno Memorial Park sits a bird sanctuary. It looks like a neighborhood sump, but it’s actually home to over 50 species of …

Central Nassau league ready for new season

The sun was shining and spring was in the air for the Central Nassau Athletic Association annual little league parade and opening day ceremony on Saturday, April 23. Ballplayers all dressed up, …

Budget season kicks off for East Meadow School District

It’s that time of year again, when the East Meadow School District prepares for the upcoming school year’s finances. The budget, which was adopted on March 23 by the Board of Education, …

An ‘egg’cellent egg hunt in East Meadow

The sun was shining as children donning bunny ears and  holding Easter baskets went racing for eggs on April 16 leaving no spare egg or treat behind at Veterans Memorial Park. This was the third …

Writing what he knows — life in Salisbury

A traumatic high school experience can be life-altering. But for Joel Samberg, a 1975 Clarke High School graduate, an accusation of plagiarism by his ninth- grade English teacher was inspirational. …


Elections are coming — make democracy work

Who’s to blame for New York’s increase in crime, its high taxes and the general feeling of dread many of us feel?

Randi Kreiss

Threat to choice has women on the march

Thirty years after the fact, I’ve decided to write about a personal time in my life.


School board candidates should know the facts

After a recent “meet the candidates” forum for one of the more than 125 school boards in Nassau County, the people the candidates were soliciting votes from turned to social media to share their views.


Stephen Breyer retired. Why not Kagan and Sotomayor?

Last week, Politico leaked a shocking (but not surprising) draft outlining the Supreme Court’s plan to overturn Roe v. Wade . . .