Staff honored for their dedication to the district

Superintendent of Schools James DeTommasso recognized 66 members of the East Rockaway Schools family who have dedicated 20 or more years of service to the district.

Podcast focused on Islanders keeps growing

Sean Cuthbert, a native of East Rockaway, has turned his lifelong passion for the New York Islanders into something more meaningful.

Middle schoolers take on advanced math test

Twenty students from Lynbrook North and South middle schools challenged themselves to put their mathematical intelligence to the ultimate test as part of the American Mathematics Competition.

Meet your Lynbrook Board of Education candidates

Last Monday, all four Lynbrook board of education candidates Lesli Dennino, incumbent Sean Murray, Shannon Kelly, and Courtney Knacke sat in front of neighbors and officials, pitching why they should fill one of the three available seats on the board.

East Rockaway student artwork was picked for legislative art exhibit

Eight East Rockaway students have been selected to have their artwork featured in the 34th annual New York State Art Teachers Association Legislative Art Exhibit.


With hurricane season coming, be prepared

The looming possibility of natural disasters — such as hurricanes and other severe storms — poses a significant, and ongoing, threat to Long Island, and particularly for those living in more vulnerable coastal communities, like Long Beach and Freeport, which are most susceptible to damage caused by high winds and surging floodwaters.


What if you had to vote right now?

Last week, we were treated (or subjected, in one instance) to two presidential events unfolding simultaneously in different places. As the day progressed, I understood that if we see and hear nothing else during the campaign, we will realize, as sentient beings and patriots, that only one man deserves the honor of serving as our president. Only one man is intellectually and temperamentally fit for the job.


Let’s rethink the war in Ukraine

Now that the Ukrainian military aid bill has been passed, we have an opportunity to assess the developing conflict and offer suggestions.


Breaking down this year’s state budget

New York’s budget-making is a lot like taking one step forward and then one step backward: In the end, we haven’t gone anywhere.


New state budget doubles down on a bad bet

Rather than admit that what they’ve done isn’t working — as evidenced by the fact that New York state has the highest population loss, the second-highest taxes and the second-worst business climate of any state in the county, according to Forbes magazine — Gov. Kathy Hochul and the New York City politicians who control the State Legislature are doubling down on their bad bets in the new state budget


Amid campus upheaval, reflecting on a different time

An aphorism often attributed to Mark Twain states that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Readers of a certain age will, as I do, recall the upheavals of the 1960s and early ’70s. Recent events set me musing about the similarities and differences between today’s “student protests” and those of yesteryear.