Survivors of Kfar Aza, an Israeli kibbutz, speak in Lynbrook

Survivors of the October 7 attacks spoke at Lynbrook Temple Am Echad and shared their harrowing experience.

Forecast calls for sun with a passing moon

East Rockaway High School set up activities for students during the April 8 totality solar eclipse.

East Rockaway, Lynbrook hosts annual Easter Egg Hunt for neighbors

East Rockaway and Lynbrook hosted a variety of festive activities for Easter.

Greenfield named as honoree of Mount Sinai’s golf outing

Lynbrook businessowner Jeff Greenfield to be honored at Mount Sinai South Nassau's annual Golf Outing in May.

Scouts test their outdoor skills at annual Derby

East Rockaway Boy Scouts from Troop 332 won awards at the annual 2024 Klondike Derby in Wading River, NY on Jan. 27.


The time to support local journalism is now

Highlighting the efforts of the Empire State Local News Coalition, which aims to safeguard local journalism in New York by advocating for legislative support and rallying communities to save newsrooms and jobs amidst closures and layoffs.


The heartbreaking death of an NYPD hero

Former Congressman Peter King reflects on the tragic murder of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, highlighting the outpouring of support from Massapequa Park and beyond, including a moment with former President Donald Trump, and calls for legislative action in honor of Diller's memory."


Washington: where bipartisanship goes to die

Former Assemblyman Jerry Kremer reminisces about bipartisan successes in Albany, contrasting them with the current gridlock in Washington, where partisan politics obstructs meaningful legislation, leaving a longing for the return of bipartisan cooperation.


L.I. GOP must condemn Trump’s dangerous remarks

Kevin J. Kelley underscores the significance of bipartisan collaboration in politics, advocating for respect, civil discourse, and condemnation of inflammatory rhetoric from leaders like Donald Trump to protect democracy and uphold civic values.


On airplane noise, we’re back to the drawing board

Senator Jack Martins addresses the persistent issue of airplane noise disturbing communities near busy airports, emphasizing the need for objective studies and coordinated efforts to mitigate the impact, while expressing unwavering determination to advocate for quieter skies


What’s behind the decline in O.B.’s shellfish population?

Bill Bleyer warns of the impending collapse of the bay's ecosystem due to declining shellfish populations, highlighting their critical role as keystone species and the urgent need for conservation efforts to prevent irreversible damage