These three cops answered the call to action


The Long Island Shields, an organization for police officers from the island, commemorated Lynbrook police officers Kevin Hoffman, Patrick Scanlon, and Brandon Lavista at the Coral House on Thursday for their skilled response in a dicey situation.

Hoffman, while on patrol on Peninsula Boulevard, allegedly saw Luis Morales operating an electric motorcycle while not wearing a helmet. Hoffman stopped Morales and found that his driver’s license privileges had been revoked because of 19 suspensions. This was an arrestable situation, Long Island Shields representatives said.

Moments later, Hoffman, accompanied by officers Scanlon and Lavista, approached Morales and attempted to place him into custody. As they did, Morales allegedly attempted to flee — but Scanlon was able to grab Morales and bring him to the ground. While on the ground, Morales continued to resist arrest and struggle with Scanlon and Hoffman, LI Shields said. During this struggle, Morales allegedly reached into the front pocket of a knapsack he was wearing and removed a handgun.

“Gun! Gun!” Scanlon shouted to his fellow officers.

They were able to wrestle the gun away from Morales and slide away.  At the same time, Lavista tased Morales, which then Scanlon and Hoffman placed Morales into handcuffs and ended the struggle. After the arrest, they reportedly also discovered a small ziplock bag containing a substance believed to be meth.

The Long Island Shields said that Hoffman, Scanlon, and Lavista demonstrated courage while also displaying incredible restraint, risking death or serious physical injury. Each of the three officers are married, and between all three of them, have 8 children. Their skilled work, quick thinking and effective communication, the Shields noted, helped not only arrest someone who shouldn’t have been on the road, but also let them return home to their families when it was done.