Memories of Sandy


Three years ago on Thursday, Oct. 29, Superstorm Sandy barreled into Freeport damaging about 3,500 residences, closing down businesses along the Nautical Mile and causing $10 million worth of damage to Freeport’s infrastructure.

    But Sandy has also been a catalyst for change. Friends of Freeport was founded just days after the storm and is still going strong, helping neighbors recover. Additionally, this year the Village of Freeport announced the creation of a new emergency management center and hardened the electrical infrastructure in south Freeport. The village’s building department continues to strengthen its building codes and has put in place pro mitigation requirements that save property owners thousands of dollars.

    Here is what Freeport endured on Oct. 29, 2012, a day that changed the way we think about how people live in the waterfront community.