Queens woman charged with assault in Woodmere

A Queens woman is alleged to have assaulted man in the care of the Esplanade of Woodmere, an adult home.

Lawrence High School senior vies for national honor

Follow Lawrence High School senior Ariana Watson's journey as a semifinalist in the 2024 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program, highlighting her exceptional academic achievements, STEM involvement, and community contributions, paving the way for her promising future in mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Getting to know Holocaust survivors at Brandeis

Delve into the meaningful commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day at Brandeis Hebrew Academy, where eighth-graders honor survivors through poems, songs, and personal connections, embodying the commitment to education, remembrance, and passing on the legacy of resilience to future generations.

Darkness on the edge of state route 878

Discover the ongoing dispute over responsibility for fixing darkened lights on the Atlantic Beach Bridge, as Lawrence village contends with offers of financial aid, highlighting Samuel Nahmias's assertions of reluctance to accept grants, alongside village efforts to assess and address the lighting issue amidst legal actions and governmental involvement.

Gammy’s Pantry is gone, food distribution continues

Explore the transition of Gammy's Pantry within the Five Towns Community Center, highlighting the legacy of its founder Sasha Young, assurance of pantry's continuity by Gwynn Campbell amidst organizational changes, and ongoing community support from organizations like Rock and Wrap It Up!, all amid discussions about the center's future under the guidance of Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman.


Cherishing moms who embody love, strength

The remarkable resilience and sacrifice of mother is shown through the extraordinary life of Elinor Sullivan, whose daring feats in aviation were matched only by her dedication to motherhood.

The blemish of college demonstrations

The numerous college demonstrations lately have given me a lot of mixed feelings. Having lived through the years when there were other demonstrations, I contrast how those incidents were handled with the present ones. In addition, I can’t help but feel some sadness about how our elected officials are reacting to these events.


Protecting our kids online

The data is clear: Kids spending more time online and on social media is detrimental to their mental health.


We should have learned more than we have from history

My reading of history, however, is that for the most part — whether it be everyday people, intellectuals or world leaders — there was little realization during those years that the world as they knew it was that much different from what had come before. Until it was. Or that tragedy lay ahead. Until it was too late.


The humble pen takes on the might sword

Here’s an anniversary no one wants to celebrate: The Columbine school shooting — April 20, 1999 — just passed its 25th anniversary. Why, why, why bring up such a horrific event? Perhaps because it hasn’t stopped.


Grumman, Navy must finish the underground cleanup

Over the past few weeks, the dangerous environmental legacy of Grumman and the Navy has earned a top spot in local newspaper headlines and on the nightly news throughout the tristate area, and even overseas.