Atlantic Beach village and the Chabad of the Beaches go to court


On Aug. 3, the Chabad of the Beaches and the Village of Atlantic Beach went to federal court  over an eminent domain battle for two vacant parcels located in the village.  Both paries will send briefings to the judge before rendering a decision within the next four months.

Representatives of the Jewish Congregation in Long Beach and the village sat in front of a judge at the United States Courthouse in Central Islip for nearly six hours on Tuesday over 2025 and 2035 Park St., which the Chabad bought in last November for $950,000 from M.A. Salazar Inc., a real estate company.

Atlantic Beach  was looking into buying the properties, which have been vacant for two years, a year prior to the Chabad, village officials said in a statement.

Chabad attorney Jeremy Dys believes the land grab to be discriminatory. During court, Chabad representatives claimed that  the village only wanted the land after the chabad held a menorah lighting and holiday celebration .

Both the municipality and the religious organization plan to use the land for community centers for all residents.  The village also wants to build a recreational facility, which would house beach lifeguard operations.

This story will be updated and expanded in the Aug. 11 Herald.