Brandeis first-graders receive their prayer books


First grade students at The Brandeis School in Lawrence were said to be very excited when they received their prayer books (siddurs) at the celebration called Chagigat Siddur, coordinated by Ken Katz and teacher Ruth Hirsh.

As part of the ceremony, the students stood hand-in-hand as they “Ani Maamin” ( “I Believe” in English) is a prosaic rendition of Maimonides’ 13-point version of the Jewish principles of faith, and “Barcheinu Avinu” (avinu means our father).

Head Rabbi Saul Haimoff taught the children that each one of them has a part of God inside of them, and a unique soul, that helps them connect to God when they pray. Each child then received a beautiful Koren Youth Siddur, filled with modern English translations, pictures, and interesting questions and stories, as well as a leather cover with their Hebrew names inscribed on the front.