Five Towns Letter to the Editor

Disregarding vaccination is selfish


To the Editor:
Regarding last week’s article “Village trustee’s Facebook post creates a stir” the statement by Ari Brown, “My body, my choice” is not a valid argument! By that criterion, one can drink and drive, not wear seatbelts or walk down Central Avenue naked.

The coronavirus will continue to replicate and mutate as long as there are human hosts in which it can grow. Until vaccinated people reach a critical mass, the virus will infect many and kill some. Unvaccinated kids, the elderly and the immune-compromised are at particular risk.

Anti-vaxxers are fools! I know, because my brother died of this disease. I would ask those who won’t get vaccinated, did your parents give you the measles, mumps and rubella and polio shots? Did your kids get the human papillomavirus shot?

“My body, my choice” just doesn’t cut it! It’s just plain selfish and stupid! It defies the science.

Dr. Mel Young


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