Lawrence schools budget, passes, district incumbents re-elected


In the Lawrence School District, the $102.49 million budget was approved 1,097 to 308.

Incumbent Trustee Heshy Blachorsky defeated Asher Matathias 1,117 to 206, incumbent Abel Feldhamer (1,220) ran unopposed, and both secured three-year terms.

Propositions 3 and 4 were approved,  919 to 411 and 917 to 416, respectively. The district can now establish building capital reserve funds for $5 million each for projects ranging from classroom renovations to heating, ventilation and air conditioning system installations.

Approval of Proposition No. 5 (915 to 365) allows the district to buy the residential property at 287 Mott Ave. in Inwood for up to $400,000 to create a multi-sport area for the Lawrence Primary School at the Number Two School. No parking would be added to the already existing 94 spaces. The play area would be geared to children ages 5 to 12 and could be used by kids 2 to 12.

The Peninsula Public Library budget of $3.1 million passed 1,153 to 246. Write-in candidate Akiva Lubin defeated Amil Virani in a write-in vote 416 to 79 for the five-year term, as Trustee Jeff Leb is stepping down.