Letters to the Rockville Centre Editor (Jan. 6-12)


We must trust evidence, data

To the Editor:

Reading Ed Schwartz’s letter in the Herald has me questioning your journalistic decision-making. “Creating Covid chaos”(Dec. 23-29) ends by suggesting violence against politicians, physicians and Dr. Anthony Fauci because the letter writer is apparently tired of the changes to daily life brought on by the pandemic.

I get it: We’re all tired of the pandemic. If only there was a magic solution, but there isn’t. Science works on the accumulation of evidence and data, and to suggest that the medical professionals are doing anything but trying to mitigate and end the pandemic is shortsighted. But the culminating sentence of the letter promotes violence against politicians, medical professionals and Dr. Fauci. That is unacceptable, and beneath whatever standards the Herald purports to uphold.

Michael Ludwig, Rockville Centre

‘Covid chaos’ was over the line

To the Editor:

I appreciate how balanced the Herald generally is, and recognize its desire to represent various points of view in the letters to the editor.

However, Ed Schwartz’s letter (“Creating Covid chaos,” Dec. 23-29) really went over the line. As a health editor, I can tell you that he is spreading medical misinformation at a dangerous time. And his last line? That’s basically a joke about sexual assault. Over the line, in my opinion.

Lisa Bain, Rockville Centre

Where does the village board stand on masks?

To the Editor:

Gov. Kathy Hochul has declared a mask mandate for New York state. New Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said he will not enforce it. What does the mayor of Rockville Centre say? Nothing.

Mayor Francis Murray had Covid-19, and declared that he only had mild symptoms because he was vaccinated. It was the perfect opportunity for him to encourage village residents to get vaccinated and receive booster shots. Did he take that opportunity? No, he did not.

Why the radio silence? The obvious answer is that the village is so divided on both of these issues that the mayor (and the board, for that matter) thinks that taking any position would alienate a portion of the electorate. Unwilling to do anything that would cost them votes, the mayor and trustees choose to say nothing.

We pay our elected officials to be leaders, not to sit quietly on the sideline. So, Mr. Mayor and trustees, what is your position on these health issues? Please do not tell me (or the rest of the readers) that you have decided to politicize this crisis by not saying a word. The time for leadership is now.

Marc Wieman, Rockville Centre