Virtual enterprise firm earns awards

Hewlett High School seniors learn business operation skills


ROC Security, a virtual enterprise firm that sells residential, online, commercial and personal security products, started by Hewlett High School seniors, collected five awards and many accolades at the Long Island Trade Show in Farmingdale on Jan. 17.

The group of 12 students in the virtual enterprise program came away with first place for best TV commercial and top sales firm, second place for best business card, third place for best sales pitch and most enthusiastic firm. The virtual enterprise program at Hewlett High allows students to create a business and run it while learning about human resources, accounting, technology, sales and marketing.

“It was hectic,” Harrison Poutre, chief marketing officer of ROC Security, said of his experience at the trade fair. He was one of six students on the presentation team that conducted a 10-minute ROC Security business plan presentation to a panel of five judges, followed by a six-minute question and answer period. The presentation team included: Shana Bernstein, Alex May, Jonathan Samuni, Elliot Breslav, Jake Zeidman and Harrison Poutre.

Poutre added that he was surprised by how much work it took to prepare the oral and written business plan presentation for the fair from start to finish. “Not just myself, all six of us advanced greatly in our communication skills, presentation skills and knowledge on the different departments,” he said. 

The ROC in the firm’s title stands for residential, online and commercial security products. This year, the firm added personal security products. The ROC Security team includes: Alex May, CEO; Elliot Breslav, CFO; Harrison Poutre, CMO; Jonathan Samuni, COO; Jake Zeidman, president of sales; Sulaiman Hameed, vice president of sales; Shana Bernstein, vice president of human resources; Charlie Graber, vice president of banking and finance; Lori Matza, vice president of marketing; Max Kelstein, manager of technology; Emmanuel Furman, manager of technology; and Marc Dori, manager of technology. 

Barbara McNiff, executive director of Human Resources in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District, said at the Jan. 18 Board of Education meeting that the students will learn if they advanced to the next round of competition by the end of January. McNiff formerly served as chairperson of Hewlett High School’s Business Education Department, a role now held by Rose Panarelli. 

“I’ll them give input and make suggestions, but they do the designing,” Hewlett High School business teacher Ron Remick, said. The virtual enterprise class meets everyday for two periods. 

According to ROC Security’s mission statement, the firm works “to provide quality protection and safety to our customers whether it is at home, work, online or with our personal safety products.” ROC Security partners with real-world industry leaders including Lifewatch USA, Google, ADT, Stealth Technology and Simplisafe.