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Community league to decorate Rath Park with trees

The Community League of Garden City South planted and dedicated a dogwood tree on June 12 at Garden City South Park on Nassau Blvd, part of the civic organization’s two-year-long campaign to add to the county’s gardens.

Franklin Square, Elmont residents still cautious after Cuomo lifts restrictions

Franklin Square and Elmont residents remain concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, but are eager to return to day-to-day life without restrictions. Gov. Andrew Cuomo rescinded New York state’s pandemic-related regulations on June 15, after the state reached the target of 70 percent of the population at least partially vaccinated set by the governor.

Anti-semitic hate mail sent to Jewish, refugee state senator

New York State Senator Anna Kaplan, who fled anti-Semitic violence in her home country of Iran in 1978, received a “vile piece of hate mail using well-known white supremacist, anti-Semitic hate speech” on June 22, according to a statement released by the legislator’s office. The mail, which originally contained about Covid-19 vaccinations and was sent by Kaplan’s office to constituents, was sent back to senator’s office bearing a phrase commonly used by white supremacist and anti-Semitic groups “109 soon 110.” The phrase alludes to the anti-Semitic claim that Jewish people have been expelled from 109 countries and that the United States or another nation may soon expel Jewish people.

Former Franklin Square-based physician denied bail by Nassau judge

George Blatti, the former Franklin Square-based physician charged with five counts of second-degree murder in 2019 for overprescribing opioid to five drug-addicted patients who died between 2016 and 2018, was denied bail on Wednesday by a Nassau County judge. Blatti, 75, was remanded in March to Nassau County jail with no possibility of bail by the acting State Supreme Court Justice. At a bail hearing on Wednesday, Blatti’s defense attorney, Nancy Bartling, argued that the former physician is no longer a danger to the public because he is no longer able to prescribe medication. Bartling proposed bail of $250,000 or more, along with home confinement, electronic monitoring and passport surrender.

Franklin Square hosts Declaration reading at Rath Park

Rath Park’s gazebo in Franklin Square was enveloped by American flags and banners as residents gathered for a public reading of the Declaration of Independence on June 26. The event was organized by the Franklin Square Historical Society and State Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages’s office.


What are you waiting for? Get vaccinated.

An alarm bell sounded last weekend: The number of New Yorkers recently diagnosed with Covid-19 surged past 1,000 on Saturday for the first time since May.


It’s time to address safety on the Southern State

For many years, the Southern State Parkway has been known as one of the most dangerous thoroughfares in Nassau County . . .


Voting is an act of choice and an exercise of voice

Many people seem to confuse democracy and capitalism. Some seem to think that capitalism defines our system of government. However, our governance is based on democratic principles, including the importance of voting.