Did you know cars actually drive on three tires?

(BPT) - Did you know that cars actually ride on three tires?No, this isn't an article about tricycles. It's about a major misconception that takes place where the rubber meets the road. Most drivers …
Need an oil change? How you can prep your car for winter and help vulnerable seniors
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It starts at the top: The C-suite must go green to set the stage for corporate ESG
(BPT) - By Brendan P. Keegan, Chairman, CEO & President of Merchants FleetThe biggest acronym in boardrooms across the U.S. today is ESG — Environmental Social Governance. ESG is a …
Need affordable coverage? 5 ways to get cheap car insurance online
(BPT) - It can be challenging to find affordable car insurance. An auto insurance policy and price will vary depending on each person’s history and circumstances and the state they live in. To …
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Cheapinsurance.com compiled this list of five common auto collision repairs using information from across the internet. Cost estimates come from a variety of sources, including LendingTree and Chase Bank.   
Comparing 5-year car and home price trends
Jerry analyzes and explains how rising costs compare in the car and home markets in the last five years.  
6 expert tips parents need to know when purchasing or upgrading a car seat
(BPT) - Whether you’re already a parent or you're expecting your first baby, you know how important child car seats are for safety. But like many parents, you may have questions about how to …
Iconic Electric Dune Buggy Debuts - Drivers Wanted [Video]
(BPT) - Meyers Manx recently unveiled the new Manx 2.0 Electric. This first-of-its-kind electric vehicle encapsulates the authentic feel and heritage of the original Meyers Manx, reimagined for the contemporary age with an environmentally friendly ethos.
4 key questions to ask when shopping for a vehicle
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How your tires can help you save half a gallon of fuel per fill-up
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5 ways to upgrade your truck while out 'In The Real' this fall
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The surprising history of how electric vehicles have played the long game and won

Electric vehicles have been around since car manufacturing began. Robert Davidson built the first practical electric vehicle – a 16-foot truck driven by electro-magnetic motors – in Scotland in 1837. This was decades before the internal combustion engine was invented.

Idaho, the Carolinas lead the country with biggest increase in car loans

To find out where Americans bought the most vehicles over the last five years, Experian looked at the number of auto loans nationwide.

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