Freeport H.S. students study eclipse in real time

Freeport High students conduct innovative eclipse weather experiment, shedding light on atmospheric changes

Restrooms for all in Town of Hempstead

$1.5M federal funding brings ADA-compliant restrooms to Hempstead's public facilities, enhancing accessibility.

Freeport continues uphill battle

Freeport softball faces tough competition but embraces growth with optimism in their journey to success in Conference V

Lisa Ortiz is running for state Assembly

Lisa Ortiz: Community-focused leader running for Assembly to address local needs

Freeport names new varsity football coach

Freeport School District names Jimmy Jones as new head coach for Freeport High School varsity football, bringing experience and hometown passion to lead the team.


Migrants get more government support than veterans

Too many elected officials believe in open-border, pro-migrant policies.


Spring cleaning: Forget the brooms and mops

Since the pandemic and the collapse of the social life we once enjoyed, I dress down.


Embracing and understanding the science of reading

Literacy instruction is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Every student is unique.