A Freeport thank-you


The recent passing of Les Endo has been an emotional shock to the many people who knew him and loved him for the man he was. He was a kind and gentle person who showed everyone he came in contact with, that this world is a beautiful place.

Les came from a very small, country town in Midwest Ohio. He was raised on a small farm milking cows before and after school. The stories of riding horseback to and from school activities were always amazing! How about hearing the ‘clippety-clop’ of the horses and buggies going by while on those party line calls! So very different than Long Island life!!

Serving the country during the Vietman War as an enlisted Navy Man, he showed his love for America. The flag was a symbol of pride, then, and all his future Dreams. Those dreams and aspirations were fulfilled right here in Freeport when Les settled here to call Freeport HOME.

Freeport, Long Island, and New York accepted him with open arms as he became a member of this community.  

Your love, compassion, warmth, acceptance, and support are so heartwarming at this challenging time. This is truly an amazing and beautiful place to live. So many beautiful people are here for each other and me.

Thank you ALL so much.

I love all of you,

Marianne Endo