Archer Street School’s Thanksgiving Turkey Trot


Archer Street School’s annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot commenced with the resonant combination of turkeys gobbling and festive melodies, setting the stage for a philanthropic gathering led by Principal Paula Lein.

The school’s students and staff, adorned in holiday hats and brandishing Thanksgiving-themed flags and posters, embarked on a charitable stroll around their school grounds, joined by esteemed guests including Board of Education President Maria Jordan-Awalom, Board trustee Sonia A. Dixon, Assistant Superintendent for Educational and Administrative Services Dr. Helen Kanellopoulos, and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Ms. Glori Engel.

Against the backdrop of jovial sounds, the event served as the cornerstone of Archer Street School’s annual fundraising initiative, embodying the spirit of giving that defines the holiday season. Demonstrating a profound understanding of the season’s true meaning, the school community rallied together for a common cause. This year’s chosen beneficiary of their collective generosity was the United Way of Long Island.

The culmination of the students’ and staff’s fundraising endeavors resulted in a substantial contribution of $2,800 to the United Way of Long Island. United Way of Long Island Community Impact Director Biena Depena was present to graciously accept the donation on behalf of the organization. In this heartwarming display of community spirit, Archer Street School exemplified the enduring tradition of giving back during the Thanksgiving season.