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De La Salle graduates salute their school

Student essays thank teachers, staff for training


Every summer after the school year concludes, The De La Salle School at 87 Pine Street publishes essays by its graduates in its weekly newsletter.  The De La Salle School is a private Roman Catholic institution serving economically disadvantaged boys in grades 5 through 8. The boys’ own words express how their lives have been enriched by their years at the school. 


I never had a bad experience in this school year. … My favorite part of school was how close our crazy classmates were and how funny they are with each other. Everyone was friends with each other, as they are today. 

This has to be the best school year ever because building relationships with students is by far the most important thing a teacher can do. Without a solid foundation and relationships built on trust and respect, no quality learning will happen.


The De La Salle School challenged me academically, but I went through it all with my classmates. … The De La Salle School has even helped me to get accepted and go to Chaminade High School. I think the most important thing about the De La Salle School is the kindness of the students and teachers, and how the teachers go above and beyond to ensure the students are learning. … I will make sure to give back to the school.


My experience at The De La Salle School was wonderful. I got to meet new friends and new teachers. When I first came to this school, I knew a few people from my previous school. I was a little nervous to talk to my classmates because I didn’t know them. Some of my classmates already knew each other from going to previous schools. I have developed a very nice bond with my classmates and teachers.

This school also helps me to get closer to God. … I am very thankful that my mom put me into this amazing school. 


I really like The De La Salle School for many different reasons, but there are two main reasons. It helped me strengthen my faith in God. and The De La Salle School also helped me learn how to study and be prepared for different events.

Another thing The De La Salle School taught me was how to properly study. At The De La Salle School they give us a poem or a quote to study every week. And during the week we study it and they test us to see if we studied. This helped me study and now I know I can properly study and pass my exams. 


The De la Salle School is a school of Responsibility, Respect, Service and Leadership. It has shown me how to improve academically and emotionally. I would love to be here in this school forever but unfortunately, I can’t. 

When I first came here to the school my grades were just 80s and more 80s, but throughout the years I have felt that my grades have improved a lot. Why? Because of how the teachers help us study, in many different secrets they have up their sleeves that help us learn to study. I am not an English person, but throughout the years, I have improved my ability to learn ELA and other different classes. I like how teachers have the time to help every different student here. 


Throughout these 4 years I have learned so many new things. Not just academically, but to strengthen my manners and the way I talk to people and to become more respectful.

Every time I go to a friend’s house, their parents always compliment my manners, and I owe that to my parents and the TDLS School. They showed me how to be a real gentleman and how to treat other people the way I would like to be treated. They also taught me to do the right thing even when nobody’s looking. Here at the TDLS School I have also strengthened my faith in God and have learned a bunch of things about our faith and what it means to be a Catholic.

In conclusion, the TDLS School is more than just an all-boys private school. The teachers, Mrs. Becker [Jeanmarie Becker, principal] and Mr. Gault [William Gault, Executive Director] have taught me so many things that will be useful in my journey into high school and later on in life. They have helped me achieve many goals, like getting into Chaminade High School. I will forever be thankful for the TDLS School.