Winter storm brings flood to Freeport


Flooding was severe across the Freeport area and the Nassau County South Shore the morning of Dec. 23 as a result of a winter storm that delivered excessive rain and wind that combined with the tides off the shore to overwhelm many neighborhoods beginning at 7:48 a.m. that day.

The national weather forecast alerted regional officials to the impending severe winds and high tide, and officials warned residents the night before of the incoming weather to spread the word.

“We got a lot more water than we could have anticipated,” Founder of Sparkle on Stage, Robyn Workman said. “My neighbors all got water in their homes. It’s very reminiscent of Irene and Sandy unfortunately.” 

This flooding incident comes only two weeks after Freeport village officials and environmental experts met at city hall on Dec. 7 to discuss the vulnerability of Long Island’s south shore to large storms, floods, and coastal surges, as well as ways to enhance coastal resiliency for natural disaster defense.

“It’s been 10 years since superstorm Sandy and still, we have no surge barrier gates that could have prevented this,” Mayor Robert Kennedy said. 

Freeport police and fire department officials spent the day supporting individuals who had their vehicles stranded in the water and were unable to move or get out.

“My family and I are relatively new here to Freeport, been living here for about three years and I’d never knew I’d experience a flood so soon,” resident Nicolas Sully said. 

Residents whose vehicles were affected by flood salt water were able to go to Bayview Hose 3 Freeport Fire Department at 373 S Bayview Ave for a free undercarriage wash in order to avert additional damage.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman held a press conference on Dec. 23 to address the impact of the winter storm on communities along the South Shore that morning.

“We now have the flooding under control,” Blakeman said. “Our DPW is out, they are cleaning drains, they’ve pumped out water and our DPW will start preparing for the second storm that will be arriving this afternoon.”

Mayor Kennedy encourages residents who are not on the list to sign up for emergency phone notifications from the Village of Freeport as soon as possible by visiting the Village’s website at

You can also submit an email to with your name, address, and phone numbers you want contacted in times of an emergency. 

With reporting by Mallory Wilson.