Toy Camera art unleashes unique vision

Award winning photographer showcases photographs at new Art Alcove exhibit


Award-winning Merrick photographer Dawn Reilly is set to showcase her latest exhibition, “Just One More, A Photographic Exploration with Toy Cameras”, at the Art Alcove in Freeport in collaboration with the Long Island Arts Council. 

The exhibit will be open to the public throughout March and April at the Freeport recreation center. The newest installation of the art alcove will feature Reilly’s work with toy cameras, a type of camera that uses inexpensive materials to create unique, often unpredictable images. Reilly’s photography showcases her love of Long Island, featuring portraits, landscapes, and event photographs.

Visitors to the exhibit can expect to see a range of subjects, from portraits to landscapes, all captured with the unique qualities that only plastic cameras can provide. Each photo will be a unique representation of Dawn’s artistic vision, and viewers will be able to see the world through her eyes.

“I’m thrilled to share my latest works with the community,” Reilly said. “Toy cameras offer a chance to capture the world in a new light and experiment with the art of photography.”

Reilly explained that there’s just something about the simplicity of toy cameras that draws her to them. She never knows what the final image will look like, and sometimes the light leaks or other quirks can add unexpected streaks or imperfections to the photo.

Toy cameras are low-tech, inexpensive cameras that often have plastic lenses and simple controls. They are known for their unique and sometimes unpredictable results, such as light leaks, vignetting, and other quirks that can create artistic effects in photographs.

For Reilly, the imperfections are part of the charm. In a world where so much is scrutinized for perceived perfection, the unique and personal qualities of each photograph are what make them stand out. This sense of individuality and unpredictability is what makes her work so special.

“We’re excited about Dawn’s upcoming exhibit because it’s a very unique and unusual style of photography,” Executive Director of the Long Island Arts Council, Laurence Dresner said. 

Reilly’s photography over the years has been recognized and displayed in various exhibits across the country. “Antelope Canyon” was awarded First Place at the Sky’s The Limit juried photography show at the Long Island Photo Gallery in Islip. Her photograph, “On The Dutch Side” was accepted into the 2019 Somerville Toy Camera Festival in Somerville, Massachusetts.

The exhibit is free and open to the public as it will run throughout March and April operating during the same hours as the recreation center. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and explore the world of toy camera photography and experience the beauty of Long Island through Reilly’s lens.