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Herald Community Newspapers seek 2021 summer interns

Herald Community Newspapers is seeking 2021 summer interns for our 18 community-based publications that stretch across Nassau County’s South Shore, from Valley Stream to Seaford, and Long Beach …

Glen Cove restaurants welcome more diners

After a challenging year for Glen Cove restaurant owners, things are starting to look a little brighter. Last Friday, restrictions for restaurants in New York were eased from 50 percent to 75 percent capacity for indoor dining. On the heels of a difficult winter, the timing couldn’t be better, and restaurant owners are also looking forward to the upcoming outdoor dining season.

Glen Cove detective retires on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was a quiet holiday for many this year, but for Glen Cove Police Detective Chris Albin, it was a bittersweet celebration. He retired from the Glen Cove Police Department after 27 years that day, greeted as he walked out the back door of the building by three pipe bands, members of various police departments and a Nassau County Aviation helicopter fly-by.

Retired GCVFD fire truck sent with fanfare to Ireland

The departure of Ladder 5211, of the Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department’s Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1, was no ordinary event. The retired fire truck received a celebratory sendoff last week as it left the firehouse for its new venture in Ireland. The Seagrave Tiller, which served Glen Cove for 32 years, is now en route to Dublin, where it will spend its retirement involved in charitable work.

Community celebrates Easter at Morgan Park

Early on Easter Sunday morning, nearly 150 people came together to celebrate the holiday in an outdoor, socially distanced ceremony at Glen Cove’s Morgan Memorial Park.

Recognizing a fallen hero

This month, a bill is being considered in the Nassau County Legislature to rename a portion of Forest Avenue, in Locust Valley, Sgt. Robert Hendriks Way. The measure would honor the life and service …

Glen Cove Schools appoints Dr. Kim Rodriguez

The Glen Cove City School District appointed Dr. Kim H. Rodriguez as the district’s new assistant superintendent for human resources, which was effective as of Jan. 19.


Support the Mother Nature Bond Act

At the turn of the 20th century, environmental protection meant preserving wilderness so future generations might know nature as the great environmentalists Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir knew it — bountiful and largely pristine. Some 120 years later . . .


Nassau’s budget surplus isn’t good news

Nassau County recently announced that it finished 2020 with a surplus of $75 million (subject to some adjustment, but it’s a reasonable number to work with). Sounds like good news, right? Not so fast.


Racial inequities and the Biden infrastructure plan

President Biden’s proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan is remarkable for its ambition and breadth and for taking significant steps to address historic racial inequities. The president deserves great credit . . .

Randi Kreiss

The pandemic of 1918 was pushed off the front pages

My husband’s father was 14 and living in New York during the pandemic of 1918, sometimes known as the Spanish flu. He must have had memories of the time; surely he knew people who died in Brooklyn, where he lived.


Many calls, but little action on infrastructure

The potholes that used to greet us each spring, but now are with us year-round, remind us of the condition of our roads and bridges.