Glen Cove Youth Bureau getting kids to work

The Glen Cove Youth Bureau is offering young teenagers, most of whom have never worked before, the opportunity to get first-hand work experience. The program is designed to teach them what they’ll …

Alleged G.C. Mansion shooter turns himself in

Police have confirmed that Brooklyn resident Remy Marshall, 26, the alleged Glen Cove Mansion shooter, turned himself in on July 21 at the Glen Cove Police station accompanied by his lawyer, Javier …

North Shore residents at odds with Roe overturn

The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade came after 50 years of the established right to protect abortion. The landmark ruling by the Supreme Court has highlighted a growing rift among Long Islanders. In …

Glen Cove officials want to install bus cameras

Keeping children safe was on the minds of Glen Cove City Council members at a pre-council meeting on June 14. The topic of discussion was the addition of a photographic violation monitoring system on …

North Shore Museum, a Glen Cove treasure-trove

The North Shore Historical Museum in Glen Cove is filled with local history. The museum, at 140 Glen Street in Glen Cove, listed on the state and national Register of Historic Places, is designated …


Will the Russians fly away from the space station?

Given the all-but-declared new cold war between the U.S. and Russia, it may seem unsurprising that Vladimir Putin’s government would announce plans to pull out of its partnership with the International Space Station . . .

Randi Kreiss

Family time on Maine’s rocky seacoast

Things began to go sideways when the rain began, and we broke out the Monopoly set.

Jerry Kremer

The country’s chief executive has the most thankless job

The late President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk whose words have haunted every president who has followed him.

Randi Kreiss

This summer’s recommended reads, none too long

Most of us learned to read a long time ago, but many of us are learning to read all over again through the fog of Covid.


If I were a shark, I’d sue Steven Spielberg for defamation

Probably no depiction of sharks has so demonized these creatures as the movie “Jaws,” directed by Steven Spielberg . . .


A slippery slope threatens the First Amendment

Flyers were left on the doorsteps of homes in Rockville Centre and Oceanside last week, filled with vile hate claiming . . .