Jimenez promises to elevate education standards

Maureen Jimenez, a longstanding member of the Glen Cove community, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to education while serving as a trustee on the City of Glen Cove Board of …

Lavine, a dedicated voice for education

In the bustling community of Glen Cove, a familiar face is emerging once again on the horizon of the city’s School Board of Education election. Meghan Lavine, a seasoned public servant with a …

Markoulis leads with trust and integrity

Anne Markoulis, a steadfast advocate for education and community engagement, first came to Glen Cove in 2002. When Markoulis was researching areas to purchase a home, a friend persuaded her to tour …

Proposed Hempstead Harbor regulations angers boaters

At a Glen Cove City Council meeting on April 24, a public hearing discussed a proposal to require mooring permits in Hempstead Harbor, aiming to enhance enforcement and safety measures. Boaters expressed concerns about potential disruptions and logistical challenges, prompting Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck to schedule a separate meeting with harbor club commodores. Following the meeting on April 29, an agreement was reached to address the city's concerns without implementing mooring fees, emphasizing the importance of efficient communication and safety in harbor management.

Accusations as Republican primary nears

This is the fifth story in a series exploring the complexities of elections, to provide a better understanding of one of Americans’ most precious privileges, the right to vote. Two Town of …


Watching life move too fast

Reflecting on the complexities and joys of growing up in a large family, I am reminded of the swift passage of time and the importance of cherishing each moment, especially as I watch my youngest niece, Laci, graduate high school and embark on her future.


Why all history is good history

The hidden history of 18th-century molly houses and their significance for gender-nonconforming communities, as explored in a recent lecture at Raynham Hall Museum, and why uncovering marginalized histories changes our understanding of the past and shapes a more inclusive future.


Recapturing times gone by in politics

Everyone agrees that there is a massive lack of bipartisanship in today’s political arena. Washington, D.C., is the poster child for warfare between Democrats and Republicans. Which is why my recent trip to Albany was a throwback to times gone by. I refer specifically to an event known as the Pilots Dinner.