Sea Cliff Museum is gathering Mini Mart history

For nearly 60 years, Mini Mart has been a fixture of Sea Cliff’s yearly calendar. Now the village museum is hunting for memorabilia of the beloved arts and crafts exposition. …

Leapfrog Group recognizes Glen Cove Hospital for top-tier diabetes treatment

Dr. Manuel Flores had a great time when he went skiing with his family in Canada last December, but two weeks later he suffered from severe fatigue, and he could not understand why. Then he bit his …

Affordable health care changed the Castronovo's lives

The Affordable Care Act changed everything for Rebecca and Craig Castronovo. For their two children, Ella, 11, and Juliette, 10, health care is vital — and would have been unattainable without the program.

Photos! Sea Cliff's Easter hunt was an 'eggcellent' time

Sea Cliff’s youngest residents scoured the village during the 27th Annual Spooky Park Egg Hunt on March 30. The spring day gave children the chance to spend all morning hunting for Easter eggs ...

Michael Ach brings 'night magic' to Sea Cliff

The Sea Cliff Arts Council presented its latest exhibit showcasing the remarkable artwork of Glen Cove resident Michael Ach. The exhibit features 19 pieces that offer a journey through Ach's creative evolution.

Bruce Blakeman calls on Delia DeRiggi-Whitton to resign

County Executive Bruce Blakeman demanded today that Nassau County Minority Leader Delia DeRiggi-Whitton resign. Blakeman, a Republican of the Jewish faith, accused DeRiggi-Whitton, a Democrat, at the …

Unaffiliated voters can swing elections

Will ‘blanks’ decide election outcomes

This is the fourth story in a series exploring the complexities of elections, to provide a better understanding of one of Americans’ most precious privileges, the right to vote. The number of …


The heartbreaking death of an NYPD hero

Former Congressman Peter King reflects on the tragic murder of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, highlighting the outpouring of support from Massapequa Park and beyond, including a moment with former President Donald Trump, and calls for legislative action in honor of Diller's memory."


Washington: where bipartisanship goes to die

Former Assemblyman Jerry Kremer reminisces about bipartisan successes in Albany, contrasting them with the current gridlock in Washington, where partisan politics obstructs meaningful legislation, leaving a longing for the return of bipartisan cooperation.


On airplane noise, we’re back to the drawing board

Senator Jack Martins addresses the persistent issue of airplane noise disturbing communities near busy airports, emphasizing the need for objective studies and coordinated efforts to mitigate the impact, while expressing unwavering determination to advocate for quieter skies


The time to support local journalism is now

Highlighting the efforts of the Empire State Local News Coalition, which aims to safeguard local journalism in New York by advocating for legislative support and rallying communities to save newsrooms and jobs amidst closures and layoffs.