Village of S.C. treats kids to ice cream cones

Sea Cliff Youth Activities Board is up and running

After a two-year coronavirus hiatus, Sea Cliff’s Youth Activities Board held its first major event on June 15 — an ice cream study break for local middle and high school students. It was …

Olivia Buatsi to retire after 19 years at North Shore

Since 2003, Olivia Buatsi has been a mainstay at the North Shore School District. But on July 1, she will be retired, and her time at the district will have come to an end.Buatsi is a native of …

Sea Cliff considering legislation on bamboo

Sea Cliff’s mayor and the Board of Trustees is looking into complaints regarding the overgrowth of invasive bamboo species in the village. According to three separate complaints filed in May, …

1,200 gather for Northwell’s annual Cancer Survivor’s Day

More than 1,200 cancer survivors gathered for Northwell’s 15th annual Don Monti Cancer Survivor’s Day on June 4 outside the Monter Cancer Center in New Hyde Park, commemorating their …

S.C. Elementary pays tribute to first responders

The students at Sea Cliff Elementary School met hometown heroes Monday, when volunteers from the Sea Cliff Fire Department came by to help the children celebrate First Responder Day, answering their …

Batter-up for traditional 19th century baseball

Baseball has dramatically changed in the past 100 years. Back in the 19th century, the game used to be played with minimal equipment. No gloves and lighter bats were the only way to play and it was …

Cooking couple create community with culinary finesse

For many Americans, the pandemic was a time to huddle in the house, for fear of going outside where the threat of the virus lurked. But for some, like Jay and Tanya Potter of Sea Cliff, the …

Jerry Kremer

Map-making is a cruel business

Politics is generally of little interest to the average citizen. Getting to and from work, taking care of family needs and trying to have a little joy is much more important.

Randi Kreiss

Is our democracy becoming a royal pain?

Is it too late to bring back King George III? We had all the right intentions in 1776, and a terrific starting lineup, but we seem to be making a mess of this experiment called democracy.


Fight school violence with a unified voice

There is seemingly no place safer than home, but schools are supposed to be the next best thing.


Why must we risk our lives to go to school?

Our country mourned the tragic events of a school massacre — again. But the day after the shooting in Uvalde . . .