Burglary at North Shore High School


Authorities are probing a burglary incident that occurred at North Shore High School in the early hours of March 21. The police is actively investigating the case.

A school security guard notified law enforcement around 1:30 am, reporting unauthorized access to two parked work trailers on the school grounds, located at 450 Glen Cove Road. Detectives responding to the scene discovered evidence of forced entry, with a metal rod used to pick open the trailer locks.

The stolen items include a backpack containing two black iPhones, house keys, blank checks, and assorted paperwork, totaling over $2100. The perpetrator, described as an unknown male wearing all black attire with an average build, was spotted loitering around the trailers. Subsequently, the individual was observed departing the area on foot, heading northbound towards Glen Cove Avenue.

Detectives arrested Kyle Simpson, 35, on April 16, and is facing charges of burglary and criminal mischief. Simpson has no known home address.